Association Industry Meetings Metrics (AIMM)

Real-time, trusted data on Chicago area association meetings- Launching Spring 2019!

As part of Association Forum’s continuing commitment to provide cutting-edge resources, we are undertaking an aggressive initiative to help association planners and industry partners better understand the overall value and metrics of meetings that are produced from our association community in the Chicago area. To help support your meetings strategy, we are creating Association Industry Meeting Metrics (AIMM) as a vehicle to help you better understand the nuances and value of Association meetings using real-time data and intelligence. Our goal is to help our members better understand how their meetings benchmark against their peer set, help industry partners find the right customers for their products and create shared knowledge for our community.

AIMM is an online, self-service tool that allows planners and partners to access real-time data and intelligence on the multi-billion-dollar Chicagoland association meetings market.

The information is gathered directly from the source – the associations themselves – and housed within a single database so you can better understand:
  • Where meetings are held - rotational patterns
  • When meetings are held - timeframes, by vertical association segment
  • Quantity and size of meetings (number of meetings per year, peak rooms needed)
  • Venues used (hotels, convention centers, resorts, airport locations, etc.)
  • Lead time in planning meetings and other key metrics

Data You Can Trust

AIMM was created in partnership with Meetings Database Institute (MDI). MDI is a leading data management and solutions firm that specializes in the group and meetings industry. The information in AIMM will be continuously updated, cleaned and maintained to ensure you have the most up to date and relevant data to drive your business objectives.

For Supplier Partners

Partner cost: $10,000 members; $13,000 nonmembers

Association Forum is now accepting reservations for AIMM subscriptions.

Please contact:
ken_fischang-150.jpg Business Development Strategist
Ken Fischang

katie-bender Business Development Strategist
Katie Bender

For Association Professionals

Association cost: $0.00, just the contribution of your meetings data

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIMM?

AIMM is a self-service, online data tool designed to benefit both planner and supplier members of Association Forum to can access meeting intelligence and increase efficiencies for all involved.

What are the main benefits of AIMM?

For the Association planner, never before quantifiable intelligence on the behavior and nuances of meetings conducted by their peer group on an aggregate basis will be unveiled. From a supplier standpoint, AIMM will allow them to better understand which groups are relevant for their respective destination and allow them to do their respective homework prior to contact potential customers, and thereby, increasing the efficiencies for all involved.

How was AIMM data gathered?

The data in AIMM is comprised through a combination of direct membership surveying, Association Forum records, and ongoing research. As time progresses, the database of AIMM will continue to grow and change as more records and data are added.

How will the data be updated moving forward?

As part of the commitment to this program, Association Forum is deploying resources ongoing to insure the AIMM data is refreshed and ever-growing.

Is this initiative only focused on the Association Meetings from Chicagoland?

Yes, given that no quantifiable data has ever been gathered on meetings generated from the Chicagoland Association meetings market, our priority is focused on this aspect of Associations.

I’m an Association Executive, how do I update my data?

Please complete this survey.

How can I connect to AIMM for support?

Please send us an email to