9-9:50 a.m. | Columbus G/H

MAXIMIZING ATTENDANCE: Behaviors Affecting the Decision to Attend

Today's attendees are consumers, discerning travelers who may choose to attend conventions and exhibitions─or not. This session uncovers the findings of the PCMA/IAEE/TEI landmark Decision to Attend Study, which examined the behaviors behind the decision relative to the wants, needs and expectations of prospective attendees. It also provides a sneak peek of the Behavioral Profile Template, a tool that can help provide a behavioral profile for groups─beyond the traditional group profile─upon which meetings/exhibition professionals and DMOs can work together to build their site selection and attendance promotion strategies. The goal? Maximizing attendance, together.

Attending this session will help you:

  • Recall prospective attendee behaviors that impact the decision to attend;
  • Understand how the "perceived" destination experience matters; and
  • Obtain a sneak peek into the new Behavioral Profile Template, designed to maximize attendance by working 1:1 with destinations.

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About the Presenter:

Mickey Schaefer, FASAE, CAE, CTA

Mickey Schafer, FASAE, CAE, CTA, is president of Mickey Schaefer & Associates, LLC. A proven leader and visionary, Mickey Schaefer brings a fresh, innovative perspective to meet the unique needs of each client. Her energy and experience have transformed industry thinking and have helped organizations focus on two critical ingredients of successan unrelenting focus on key objectives and strategies and an unwavering commitment to return value to stakeholders.