8-8:50 a.m. | Columbus A/B

your brand is about a heartbeat, not a chest beat

Organizations are constantly beating their own chests and telling people how great they are. However, these claims often go right over the heads of consumers or wind up in the “land of undifferentiation” with other providers in the marketplace. Branding is not about chest beating and making one claim after another; it’s about creating a heartbeat and engaging consumers with key ideas and messages that touch their “sweet spot.” 

This presentation will:

  • Explore how consumers define “heartbeat” brands and the characteristics they look for; and
  • Discuss how this same philosophy applies to internal communications and branding.

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About the Presenter:

Rob Rosenberg

Rob Rosenberg is president and brand strategy director of Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy, a “life-care” focused branding and communications firm located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Rob is a frequent speaker at national healthcare marketing conferences and is regularly featured in trade publications on the subjects of brand development, advertising and social media. Rob has authored articles and textbook selections for Health Leaders Media and currently writes Springboard’s award-winning blog on hospital and association branding. Rob has a B.A. in communications from the University of Kentucky and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies.