Join Me: Refer a Member and Win

Refer a New Member by December 13th to Win! 

Everyone wins when the Forum community gets stronger. Join Me in recruiting new members to our Forum community and we all win! When you recruit a new member, you are eligible to win a cash prize - and our Forum community wins by having a new member to contribute, engage and grow. Join Me in growing our community by asking any of the following people to become a member today:

  • Your colleague who is new to association management
  • The supplier who provides your association with a service and wants more association clients
  • Your friend who works at a non-profit and works to serve volunteers and clients with limited resources
  • The consultant you are working with on a key project
  • Your peer who is looking to advance their network and their career

Win $400 When You Refer the Most Members!

When You Refer a New Member You Will:

  • Be entered into a drawing for $200 (only entered once) 

  • Receive a digital badge in MyForum

  • Have your name listed on our website

I'm In The Running To Win!

    Naomi R. Angel, Esq.
    Howe & Hutton Ltd

    Kate Dockins, CAE
    Director of Volunteer Leadership Development
    Institute of Food Technologists

    Laura Downes, CAE
    Executive Director/CEO
    Arthroscopy Association of North America

    Ralph Gaillard, M.Ed.
    Chief Learning Director
    Illinois CPA Society and Foundation

    Carolyn Guyton-Ringbloom, MBA, CAE
    Sr. Director, Volunteer Leadership Development

    Kathy O'Loughlin, DMD
    Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
    American Dental Association

    Nancy Parz
    Senior Director
    DRI—The Voice of the Defense Bar


“Entering a new industry can be intimidating, especially as a young professional. Joining Association Forum was a wonderful way to learn about the world of associations and meet experts in the field. I may be a new member of Association Forum but I have been welcomed with open arms and know it will be an asset to my career growth.” Olivia Benish, Administrative Coordinator, MFM/BCCA

How Does It Work? It's Simple

  1. Identify the prospective member
  2. Encourage them to join
  3. Have them list your name in the referral field when applying as an association employee or supplier/consultant.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for doing something good today


"My favorite aspect of the Forum is that it provides a valuable platform to connect with friends and colleagues. At each Forum function, I am reminded about the strength of the association community and the camaraderie that exists among members. It truly offers a welcoming environment that has made establishing new relationships fun and engaging." Tyler Eble, Assistant Vice President, Association Development Solutions