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Forty Under 40

Join the Ranks of Forty Under 40!

Are you a trailblazer, an innovator, a change-maker? Have you achieved remarkable success for yourself and your organization before the age of 40? If so, it's time to step into the spotlight, let your achievements shine, and inspire future generations of association management leaders! 

The Forty Under 40 Program is calling upon exceptional individuals like you to apply and be part of an exclusive community that celebrates brilliance, leadership, and impact.

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Why Participate in the Forty Under 40 Program?

Applying for the Forty Under 40 program opens doors and showcases your achievements and dedication to personal and professional growth. Here are a few key motivations: 

  • Recognition & Prestige: Being selected for this prestigious accolade signifies your accomplishments, leadership, and impact have been acknowledged by the association community and your peers bringing a heightened visibility and enhancing your professional reputation. 

  • Expand Your Network: Connect with high-achieving professionals, future association leaders, and potential collaborators to build a strong network of peers for knowledge exchange and ongoing support throughout your career journey. 

  • Inspirational Influence: As a recognized Forty Under 40 recipient, you become a source of inspiration for aspiring professionals. Your journey, achievements, and challenges you've overcome can motivate others to aim higher, embrace innovation, and pursue their goals with determination. 

  • Personal & Professional Development: The rigorous application process encourages self-reflection, introspection, and self-assessment. Reflection and articulation of successes and aspirations can contribute to personal growth, self-confidence, and the ability to express your unique value proposition which can act as a catalyst for professional development and career advancement. 

Ultimately, participating in the Forty Under 40 program offers a chance to elevate your profile, connect with peers, celebrate your achievements, and inspire future generations. Don't wait, seize your chance to gain industry recognition and propel your career! Apply today!

Applications are open through August 31. 

View eligibility, requirements, tips, and application questions here




 Applications Open Through August 31!

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