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Welcome to Association Forum's Speaker Resource Center! 
We’ve pulled a few resources together to help you prepare for your speaking engagement at Association Forum or elsewhere.


Don’t Bore Your Audience…Present Strong!

Every speaker wants their audience to have a memorable experience. This comes with passion, experience and a successful presentation. Before you break out your first slide please check out our "Top 10 -Tips & Tricks" for preparing your presentation:

  1. Bring a backup copy to the session
  2. Include your session title on your first slide
  3. Allow for interactivity throughout your presentation
  4. Embed graphics and video to share your story
  5. Keep your notes to yourself…avoid long lists
  6. Use a large font and avoid tiny charts that don’t show well
  7. K.I.S.S. your slides (Keep It Short & Simple) Enough said!
  8. Limit the amount of information on a single slide
  9. Avoid fonts that can be difficult to read
  10. List your contact information on your last slide

Recommended Guidelines:

  • 45 min presentation = 15 slides max
  • 60 min presentation = 20 slides max
  • 75 min presentation = 25 slides max
  • 90 min presentation = 30 slides max



Feel free to share your thoughts with our team education@associationforum.org and we will be sure to review all feedback! Also contact us if you have additional resources that you’ve found helpful and we may add it to the list below!


Additional Resources


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  2. Fix Your Presentations: 21 Quick Tips
  3. 7 Ways to Hone Your Presentation Skills
  4. Six Steps to Delivering a Great Presentation