Internship Program

Association Forum Launches Internship Program for Under-Represented Populations

The program is open to all Association Forum members.  For more
information or
to apply for the internship program, please email   

Association Forum is excited to partner with National Louis University (NLU) to launch an internship program designed to introduce under-represented populations to the profession of association management.

Association Forum’s internship program has three main goals:

  1. Create greater awareness of the association profession at the undergraduate level.

  1. Develop a direct channel to future employment opportunities for underrepresented

  1. Demonstrate that Illinois-based associations are committed to being good corporate citizens and contributing to the professional and economic development of the future workforce.

NLU is the third most frequently attended four-year college by Chicago Public School graduates.  In 2019, NLU was ranked number one nationally for increasing the percentage of the under-represented populations it serves. NLU’s first-time freshman undergraduate population is 80 percent first generation college goers, 72 percent LatinX and 17 percent African American.

The internship program launched in April 2021.  The duration of internships is ten weeks and interns need to complete a minimum of ten internship hours per week.

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