Healthcare Collaborative

Healthcare Collaborative

About the Association Forum Healthcare Collaborative

Chicago represents the largest geographic concentration of healthcare professional organizations in the United States, most of whom are members and active in Association Forum. Chicago is also home to many of this nation's premier universities, hospitals, payers, patient organizations, innovators, and think tanks. With this critical mass, we believe we have the opportunity, indeed the responsibility, to convene our healthcare community, to help transcend industry segments and facilitate collaborative solutions to the pressing challenges we all face.

Association Forum’s Healthcare Collaborative has had a significant impact since its inception in 2017, bringing together over 250 healthcare and medical associations. We have held sixteen unique learning events for attendees at all levels. This program has provided an opportunity for over 650 leaders from the Chicago healthcare association community to participate in a Healthcare Collaborative to identify and discuss pressing issues that can be addressed collectively for benefit for all participants. Additionally, we have taken Healthcare Collaborative attendees to various partner destinations for additional customized two-day work shops. 

Healthcare Collaborative Committee Leadership

Linda Caradine-Poinsett, PhD, MBA, MJ, Chair CEO Institute of Real Estate Management
Terrence Sykes, MBA, Vice-Chair Chief Growth Officer Emergency Nurses Association

Healthcare Collaborative Partners

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